Digicel Rewards

Digicel Rewards

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Promotion Details

Redeem cool prizes like Handsets, Vouchers, Subscriptions, and so much more! Simply collect points by opting into any of the Digicel Plans + you get points based on the duration you have been with us. Once you have enough points, you can visit any of the nearest Digicel Store to redeem your prize!

Age on the Network Points

Age On Network (Years)TierPoints

Collateral Prizes

Plan NameAllocationPoints Required
30 Day Data Plan100GB1,000
15 Day Data Plan75GB750
7 Day Data Plan30GB500
3 Day Data Plan10GB250
1 Day Data Plan8GB150

Plan NameAllocationPoints Required
Day PassUnlimited95
Weekly PassUnlimited70
Monthly PassUnlimited100

Plan NameAllocationPoints Required
Day Pass10 mins100
Weekly Pass30 mins150
Monthly Pass60 mins250

Plan NameAllocationPoints Required
Unwired 5GB5GB150
Unwired 10GB10GB300
Unwired 15GB15GB450
Unwired 20GB20GB600

1.    How long will I have to wait for the instant points to hit my account?

For prepaid instant points will be in your account in a few minutes but for Sky and TPP it will take roughly 48 hours.

2.    When will I get the AON points?

AON points will be calculated every month, so the AON to hit your account will be on the 1st of every month.

3.    How many points will I get when I purchase a plan?

Points are based on spend, which will be 1% of the chargeable value. If you opt into the $10 Prime Bundle you will receive 10 points.

4.    Does Top-up of my Mobile or Account classify as chargeable value? Are points be awarded on Top-up?

No, Top-up is not chargeable value and points will not awarded on Top-up.

5.    I am a postpaid customer. Will I get points too?

Digicel Rewards is open to Prepaid Accounts only. Postpaid or Voda, Inkk numbers can be used to create profile on apps.

6.    How do I redeem points?

You can redeem points for the respective accounts through the Digicel Rewards app from our Digicel Retail outlets.

7.    How do I add my all (GSM, Unwired, Sky/TPP) Digicel accounts?

Select option to Add Accounts on app, specify the service type and enter your account number. A verification code will sent via SMS (GSM) or Email (unwired, Sky and TPP)

8.    Can I add multiple accounts for the same service? For instance in the case of two or more Prepaid numbers?

Yes, multiple accounts can be added regardless of whether it is Prepaid, Unwired or TPP

9.    What happens if I opt in to a plan and later download the rewards app, will I still get points for the opt in that is already done?

No, Points will awarded only when accounts are on the Digicel rewards app, so to get points first register accounts on app and then opt in to a plan

10.    Can I return the reward I choose to get my points back?

Once a reward has been selected, the required points will be deducted from your Digicel Rewards account. You will not be able to return the reward after that.

11.    What is the validity or expiry of my Points?

Your points will expire in two scenarios:

  • If you cease to be an active Digicel prepaid customer for 6 months or more. If you have points in your account but remain inactive for more than 6 months, your account will expire or be deactivated. Any unused points will be forfeited. Customers will be notified by SMS and/or calls before this happens.

  • To keep the rewards program active on your SIM Card you must ensure you top-up and opt into plans within 3 months (all unused points will be lost after 6 months).

12.    What do I need to do to be an active Digicel customer?

To be an active Digicel customer you will need to:

  • Top up your Digicel number periodically,

  • Use your real credit to make calls, send SMS, and use data or to opt into any Digicel plans. 

  • This activity needs to happen at least once in the month.

13.    If my account gets deactivated and I get another Digicel SIM, can I transfer my points to my new number?

No - points are not transferable. Each Digicel number will accumulate point’s specific to that number. 

14.    If my account gets de-activated and I arrange to get the same number reactivated, what will happen to my points?

After deactivation even if you are able to re-connect with your old Digicel number, your old unused Rewards points will not be transferred. In addition, your age on network will be reset upon deactivation.

15.    When can redemption take place? Do I need to use up all my points every month?

You can use your points whenever you like. You can also collect your points over time to redeem for a larger reward. You do not need to utilize all your points every month. Your points will rollover to the next month.

16.    I have two Digicel SIMs, can I combine points to redeem for rewards?

No. Each Digicel number will accumulate points specific to that number only.

17.    I am a Digicel customer but have changed my phone number over the years. What would be my age on network?

Each Digicel number will have a separate activation date and thus age on network.

Open to prepaid GSM, Sky Pacific, Unwired & TPP customers only. Excludes Digicel Staff and postpaid customers.

Points will be awarded accordingly upon use of chargeable activity i.e. purchasing or renewing any Digicel Plan.

Receiving real credit or ABM via Credit U/Me, credit transfer and Credit Advance service usage will not earn points as these are not considered to be a chargeable activity.

Points cannot be transferred to, shared between or pulled between different accounts. Each account will have its own points.

Unused points will rollover every month for active customers. If an account does     not have any chargeable incoming and outgoing activity for more than 6 months, all unused points will be lost.\

Telco rewards can be redeemed at any time. Rewards will be attached to the accounts automatically. Customers will receive a trigger message or each successful or unsuccessful redemption.

Telco rewards have specified caps and validity. Any unused value not used before the expiry will be lost.

Redemption of rewards will deduct the required points from the account. Redeemed rewards cannot be returned.

All unused points will expire upon SIM Deactivation Recycling process.


These rewards can be changed at any time at Digicel’s sole and unfettered discretion

These Digicel Rewards General Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your use of the Digicel Rewards mobile application (the "App”). You should read these Terms carefully before using the App.

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1.1 Digicel Rewards is a mobile application that is designed to award points to Digicel Customers upon their chargeable activity and age on network including: (a) view Total Points; (b) redeem Points by choosing designated reward bundles; (c) Check activity logs on how many points were added and deducted with what bundles are been redeemed 

1.2. The App also includes a Scan Feature to tap in to any merchants or third party which may/will be applicable in furture

1.3. To access the App, you must have internet access and register with the App.

1.4. This App is intended for use only by those who can access it from within countries in which we and our Affiliates have a business, company or commercial presence (the “Territory”). If you choose to access the App from a location outside of the Territory, you are responsible for compliance with local laws where they are applicable.

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