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30 Minutes FREE Calls

Promotion Details

Call Australia, New Zealand, or Digicel Pacific countries (Nauru, Vanuatu, Tonga, and Samoa) and talk for 5 minutes or more to receive FREE 30 minutes on the same call.

Promotion start date: 15th July 2022
Promotion end date: Ongoing

1.    Which countries should I call to qualify for 30 Minutes Free Calls?

You can call Australia, New Zealand and Digicel Pacific countries (Samoa, Tonga, Nauru and Vanuatu) to qualify for 30 minutes Free Calls.

2.    If my call gets disconnected within 5 minutes (example at 3 minutes, and I call again and talk for another 2 minutes, will I qualify for 30 Minutes Free Calls?

No, unfortunately you will not qualify for the 30 Minutes Free Calls. It should be a total of 5 minutes call (continuous) to qualify for 30 Minutes Free Calls.

3.    Will I be charged with my purchased credit after my Free 30 Minutes Call?

Yes, you will be charged standard call rates after your Free 30 Minutes Call.

4.    Do any other countries apart from the Australia, New Zealand, Digicel Pacific, qualify for 30 Minutes Free Calls promotion?

Unfortunately not, promotions are only for the mentioned countries.

5.    Can I qualify for this promotion multiple times?

Yes you can, if you called any of the promotional countries and talked for 5 minutes or more, you will receive 30 Minutes Free Calls.

6.    My 30 Minutes Free Calls is only for the call that I made or can I use it to call any other country?

It is only for the call that you made. (same number and same country destination)

7.    Can I transfer my Free 30 Minutes Call to another prepaid number?

Unfortunately no, Free 30 Minutes call cannot be transferred to any other prepaid number.

8.    Does the Free 30 minutes Calls come with Free International SMS to the promotional countries?

No it doesn’t, its only Free Calls for 30 minutes.

9.    What is the validity of the Free 30 minutes Call that I will receive?

Once a customer receives the Free 30 Minutes call promotion, they are required to continue talking on the same call for another Free 30 minutes. A customer should talk for 5 minutes or more to qualify for the Free 30 Minutes call. The customer will be informed via SMS that they qualify for 30 Minutes Free Calls however; the customer is required to continue on the same call to enjoy the Free 30 Minutes call promotion. If in case the customer disconnects the call after 20 minutes and makes a fresh call, he will need to talk for 5 minutes again to receive Free 30 Minutes Calls.