Student SIM Offer

Student SIM Offer

Free Student SIMS - More Data
A student wearing a backpack and holding a mobile phone, next to a Digicel SIM card

Promotion Details

To qualify for our Student SIMs, you will need to have a valid Student ID, to be able to get registered and participate in the promotions which indicates that you can opt-in into any of our Data/Voice and SMS Bundle Offers.

Upon topping up the Student SIM with $1 or more, students will receive FREE $6 Credit, additional with our Everyday Bonanza and FREE 6GB Data valid for 3 days.

This is a limited time offer. The offer starts on 21st March 2022 and will continue until further notice is given by Digicel to its customers.

Students can purchase from our USSD *555# and through the MyDigicel App.

PlanPriceDataBilloD'MusicBiPSMS & CallsD'music SubscriptionValidityAuto renewsData Rollover
You $3 Bundle$38GB2GB2GB2GBN/ATop Chart1 dayYesNo
You $5 Bundle$515GB5GB5GB5GBD2D unlimitedTop Chart7 daysYesNo
You $10 Bundle$1030GB10GB10GB10GBD2D unlimitedTop Chart30 daysYesUp to 200GB
You $15 Bundle$15100GB15GB15GB15GBD2D unlimitedTop Chart30 daysYesNo
You $20 Bundle$20200GB20GB20GB20GBD2D unlimitedTop Chart30 daysYesNo

PlanPriceDataSMS & CallsOff-Net MinutesValidityAuto renewsMultiple opt-insData Rollover
All In Plus $7$715GBD2D unlimited30 Minutes7 daysYesAllowedNo

PlanPriceDataValidityAuto renewsData Rollover
Night Owl Plan$1.89Unlimited12am to 6amNoNo
Daily $2 Plan$2.0024GB24 HoursYesYes

PlanPriceMinsSMSValidityRolloverAuto renews
Daily Off-Net Voice$360 Minutes, TFL, Inkk and Vodafone plus Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, India, UK, Japan and MalaysiaN/A24 hoursNoYes
Daily Voice and SMS$1Unlimited Digi-DigiUnlimited24 hoursNoYes
Weekly Voice and SMS$2Unlimited Digi-DigiUnlimited7 daysNoYes
Monthly Voice and SMS$Unlimited Digi-DigiUnlimited30 daysNoYes

PlanPriceDataValidity1HR Free Youtube StreamingUnlimited SocialInternational MinutesAuto renewsData Rollover
PHAT $7$710GB7 daysYesWhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Viber, BiP, Instagram15 MinutesYesYes
PHAT $10$1020GB10 daysNoNoNoYesNo

Plans will be visible on *555#,*888#, MyCash App and on MyDigicel App.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  1. For Prepaid Student SIM Customers only.

  2. FREE $6 and 6GB will be awarded only once that is upon activation

  3. A customer can opt in multiple times in any of the plans offered.

  4. Plan will auto-renew for the customers if they have sufficient funds in the account.

  5. None of the Promotional Plans has rollover except for You $10 Bundle. Rollover on You $10 Bundle is upto 200GB

  6. Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS is for You $5, You $10, You $15 and You $20 day plans

  7. Bonus Data will not awarded on any student promotional plans or on You Bundles even though the plan is purchased from MyDigicel App.

  8. Digicel’s fair usage policy and standard terms and conditions pre-paid services apply to this offer and can be found on our website.