BiP FREE Messaging

BiP FREE Messaging

No data? No worries! Free messaging for Digicel customers with BiP!
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Promotion Details

Send messages to friends & families FREE of charge even if you don't have any data. Digicel customers who don’t have the BiP App must download the app to enjoy this FREE offer.

1.    Who is eligible for this offer?
Prepaid mobile subscribers who have downloaded the BiP app and have an active BIP account.

Note: Roaming subscribers are not eligible for this offer.

2.    How do I download BiP App?

Visit Play Store or App Store to download the BiP App. Once downloaded, activate your account by registering your phone number.

3.    Are voice and video calls free too?

No, this FREE offer only applies to BiP’s messaging feature only.

4.    Is there a limit to the number of messages that I can send on BiP?

No, free messages send via BiP are unlimited.

5.    Is my data charged when I use the BiP App?

Yes, data will be charged when you use BiP for voice and video calls BUT you don’t get charged if you’re sending messages on BiP.

6.    Promotion end date?

Promotion ends on the 14th of Nov 2021.

7.    Who can I go to for more information?

Please see the marketing staff or email them on: