MyCash Partnership with SNPF

MyCash Partnership with Samoa National Provident Fund

Apia, Samoa – Wednesday, 10th August 2022
Deepak Khanna, Digicel Samoa CEO, shaking hands with Pauli Prince Suhren, SNPF CEO

Digicel Samoa is thrilled to launch its partnership with Samoa National Provident Fund (SNPF) to enable Samoans to receive their Pension Funds and Make Payments using the MyCash service on their mobile phone.

Digicel’s MyCash mobile wallet (formerly known as Digicel mobile money) lets Samoans keep money stored safely and securely when they deposit money at any MyCash Agent or Digicel Store, receive remittance from overseas, buy Top Up, pay for shopping with contactless payment, transfer money to another MyCash user and make a secure bill or business payments.

The services that you can now access through this partnership include;

  1. Pension disbursement – whereby SNPF distributes directly into pensioner’s mobile wallet. Not only is it first-hand information through the short messages which are sent directly into your registered mobile, but it also gives the customer a notification that the funds are available to be withdrawn from any Digicel MyCash Agent. The experience is even better with having this information available to the customers at the tip of their hands.

  2. Making Payments

    1. All customers of SNPF with a Digicel mobile number will not need to worry about taking a trip down to their office as MyCash has made it far easier and more convenient through this service. Customers can make payments towards their short- term loans and small loans from their mobile anytime they would like as long as they have the funds in their mobile wallet.

    2. Employers have the advantage of making payments to their employees’ contributions by pressing this option available from their mobile phones at their own convenience. It is a cashless process and it reduces costs to the businesses of sending someone down to the office when it can be done with just a simple press of a button. 

Digicel Samoa CEO, Deepak Khanna, said; “Our continued focus to improve our customer experience as a Digital Operator is the main objective. As a digital operator, we are pleased to provide a solution for Samoans to be able to access money securely without the need for a bank account. MyCash is perfect for beneficiaries who do not have access to a bank account as the mobile wallet allows access to daily financial transactions in the convenience of their Digicel mobile.”

“Digital options and mediums are the way to go in the current situation with the added benefit of minimising travel cost and time. We will continue to grow our MyCash network through more partnerships in the coming months,” added Deepak.

Regional Head of Financial Services, Anup Kumar, said: “Expanding financial inclusion is a key goal for MyCash.  This new partnership allows us to further reach the people of Samoa with their daily financial services. Making transactions on MyCash is simple, contactless and safe, and this partnership enables SNPF customers to access a secure and trusted financial service for everyday Samoan to use.”

SNPF CEO, Pauli Prince Suhren, said “We continue to take big strides in the digital transformation revolution currently taking its course in the Fund. The vast volume of the financial services available at the Fund are now accessible digitally and online. Today we are pleased to announce this collaboration with our long-time partner Digicel to ensure that our pensioners, members and employers have an additional more efficient means to transact with the Fund through the MyCash service.”

Digicel MyCash mobile wallet is by far one of the greatest way in boosting the digital lifestyle experience for customers and making cashless and digital financial transactions more accessible with a mobile phone. MyCash can be used anytime, anywhere and having the access to these services with SNPF is another way to save time for all its customers.  All SNPF customers need is a Digicel SIM and a balance in their mobile wallet to get started.