Video Calling

WoW! Great News! Enjoy Video calling with your loved ones. Customers can make Video Calls on WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger by purchasing any plans $6 or higher.

1.    How does this work?

Upon purchase of any new plans of $6 or more plans from today customers would be able to enjoy video calling with friends and family!

Available plans:

  • Seki Data ; $10 or Weekly plans or higher

  • Daily All in One plans ; $6 or higher

  • Weekly All in One plans ; $10 or higher

2.   Does my existing $6 or more plans already have this feature?

No, this would be available on purchase of new $6 or higher plans from today.

3.   Does the receiver also need to purchase a $6 or higher plan?

  • Digicel User; Yes, the receiver has to have a $6 or higher plan.

  • Other local networks; May have access dependent on their regulation.

  • International User; May have access dependent on their country or telecom regulation.

Note; Digicel does not control other local and international operator accessibly or functionalities.

4.    How long is the video calling feature available on the plans?

As long as the plan is active, plan expires and expiry on video calling expires.

5.   Does my video calling access renew when my plan renews?

Yes, video calling is renewed once plan is automatically renewed or re-subscribed as long as higher than $6.

6.    Is video calling available on other Apps apart from WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger?

Yes, other Apps are available with purchase of a $6 or higher plan from today.

7.    Is this available to a post-paid customer?