Digicel Business Solutions


Business Solutions

360 View Smart Surveillance

Make your operations super-efficient with IoT data analysis, and enhance your monitoring capabilities to improve your process automation

Flexible Workplace

Enabling and embracing new ways of working remotely increases businesses’ productivity, improves resilience and keeps downtime to a minimum

Business Continuity

Get accelerated service and maintain critical applications and infrastructure in the face of crisis

Collaborate & Communicate

Redefine productivity with seamless, real time, cross-channel collaboration and communication

Smart Solutions

Optimise operational efficiencies with IoT data analysis. Enhance monitoring capabilities to improve your process automation

Managed Services

Digicel Business offers 24/7 geo redundant, uninterrupted access to support our customers via a simple customer self-help and management portal

Stay Safe

Defend your networks, computers and data, and protect your systems, staff and customer information, no matter where they are

Microsoft 365

Learn how Microsoft 365 can Supercharge your Productivity

Digital Transformation Report

Learn how Digital Transformation can help your business

Business Hub

Let us help your business adapt to the new normal

Cyber Security

Protect Against Threats to your Business