4G Data Plans FAQs

1.    How will a customer opt-in to the 4G Data plans?
Customer will dial *555# or visit MyDigicel App to opt-in to the 4G Data Plans.

When customer dial *555# they will be prompted to the main menu

  • Dial *555# SEND

  • Customer selects Option 2 for 4G Data Plans

  • Customers’ selects between the options of Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly plans to select the data plans they would like.

2.    What happens when customer selects one of the 4G Data Plans?
Customer will be asked to choose between Buy with Auto-renew or Buy option.
If 1. for Buy with Auto renew is entered on the space bar and SEND is selected, customer will be opt-in into the Auto-Renewal Option meaning on expiry of the data plan if there is sufficient credit in customer account, system will auto-deduct the credit and data plan bundle will be awarded.
If 2. is selected for Buy Option, on data plan expiry, all unused data bundles will expire. If same plan is re-purchased before expiry, unused data bundles will rollover, if plan is repurchase after expiry, unused data bundle is forfeited.

3.    Can customer opt-in many time to any of the 4G Data plan?
Yes, customer can opt-in as many times as they wish as long as they have sufficient credit on the balance.

4.    Does rollover apply to the new 4G Data Plans?
Yes rollover applies to all 4G Data Plans. Same data plan must be repurchased before expiry to rollover unused data bundles.

5.    Can I use 4G Data plans to browse any website or view YouTube?
Yes, Data bundles can be used to browse any website or view YouTube

6.    I have a non-4G phone, can I still purchase the 4G data plans?
Yes. The 4G data plans can be used on any data enabled handset.

5.      Can customer gift the 4G Data Plans?
Yes, customer will be able to gift the New Awesome Data plans via Gifting option on USSD *555#.

Note that Rollover does not apply on Gifting

When a customer gift a data plan to another Digicel customer below message will be received. Message will be from the chosen data plan gifted

Successful Gifting Notification Example
1.      50VT – 350MB (3Hrs)
You have successfully gifted 350MB data plan valid 2 hours to 678xxxxxxx. 50vt has been charged from your account.

Successful Gifting Receiver trigger:
You have received [Plan Name] from [MSISDN]. Plan is valid for [xxhrs/ xxday(s)]. Happy browsing!

6.      What happens when customer purchase a new 4G Data Plan?
Once a 4G Data Plans is purchased, customer will receive a notification of the plan purchased and will have to dial *130# to check on their purchased data bundle.

7.      What happens when customer opt out from a Data plan?
Customer will be notified as per messages below to inform them they have successfully opted out on a data plan

Successful Opt-Out Trigger Example

You have successfully unsubscribed from the 50VT – 350MB – 3hrs data plan. To reactivate dial *555# to opt in again.

8.      Will I be notified when my plan is about to expire?

Yes. Bundle Renewal notification will be sent 24 hours before renewal (Weekly & Monthly plans). Daily and hourly plans will not have a expiry notification trigger.

9.      Will I be notified when my plan expires?

Yes. As soon as the plan expires, you will receive a notification.

10.    What happens when customer use up 60%, 90% or 100% of their data bundle?
One 60%, 90% and 100% of their data bundle is used, a notification message will be sent to them. Those notifications will assist customers to manage their usage and next top up to opt in again on their preferred data bundle.

11.    What happens when customer use 100% of their data bundle?

Once 100% of their data bundle is used up, browsing session will come to a complete stop and customer will be notified with below message to text Y to 515 if they wish to continue browsing using their main balance credit.

You are now out of data. To buy a plan go to My Digicel App or click here http://bit.ly/2odi8bQ or to use data out of plan text Y to 515 & pay 12VT/MB.

12.    I like the plans with data for the apps. Do the 4G data plans have app data too?

You will find app data on all 4G data plans as well. There is sufficient app data in all the plans for MDA, DMusic, BiP, PlayGo, Billo, Loop and GoLoud.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • For prepaid customers only excluding Mifi and Router devices.

  • Tourist SIMs can also purchase these plans.

  • The customer will dial *555# to access the USSD menu or can visit MDA to purchase the new plans This will take the customer to the main menu whereby they will select the relevant options they need.

  • Once the customer types in his option they will receive their respective bundle or will be directed to another menu to make further selections

    • Messages will be triggered accordingly i.e. upon successful subscriptions, lack of balance, etc.

    • Customers will have two options;

      • Buy with auto-renew

      • Buy

  • Bundles will auto-renew if the customer choose “buy with auto-renew” ie. At the day and time of expiry and if there is sufficient ABM (credit) balance available, credit will be deducted and the data bundle will be attached.

  • Any unused data will rollover if the same data plan is purchased immediately upon expiry.

  • If successful auto-renewal of plan does not happen then any used data balance will be forfeited.

  • Once the data cap is 100% utilized, browsing will stop and no out of bundle charges will be applied the customer confirms to go out of bundle.

  • Bonus app data will be given to use DMusic, MyDigicel App, PlayGo, PlayGO, GoLoud, Billo, BiP and Loop.