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Imagine your device could do more for you than you ever dreamed of. A place where you enjoy experiences you love. More TV, more sports, more storage. Simply More.

All-In-One Data Plans

24 Hrs

4G AIO Plan

  • 24 Hours Validity
  • 125MB Any Use Data
  • 75 Digicel to Digicel SMS
  • 75 mins Digicel to Digicel Voice

Prepaid price

VT 125

3 Day

4G AIO Plan

  • 3 Days Validity
  • 350MB Any Use Data
  • 350 Digicel to Digicel SMS
  • 350 mins Digicel to Digicel Voice

Prepaid price

VT 250

7 Day

4G AIO Plan

  • 7 Days Validity
  • 1,250MB Any Use Data
  • 1,500 Digicel to Digicel SMS
  • 800 mins Digicel to Digicel Voice

Prepaid price

VT 550

ValidityPriceAny Use DataSMSMinutes
3 HoursVT 50100MB5050
24 HoursVT 125125MB7575
3 DaysVT 250350MB350350
3 DaysVT 5501,250MB1,500800
7 DaysVT 7502,000MB2,0001,000
7 DaysVT 1,0003,000MB3,0001,750

*SMS and Minutes are Digicel to Digicel only

4G Data Plans

3 Hour

4G Data Bundle

  • 3 Hours Validity
  • 350MB Any Use Data

Prepaid price

VT 50

3 Day

4G Data Bundle

  • 3 Days Validity
  • 1.5GB Any Use Data

Prepaid price

VT 300

30 Day

4G Data Bundle

  • 30 Days Validity
  • 6GB Any Use Data

Prepaid price

VT 1,000

ValidityPriceAny Use Data
3 HoursVT 50350MB
3 HoursVT 65650MB
3 HoursVT 75650MB
24 HoursVT 125600MB
24 HoursVT 150700MB
24 HoursVT 1751GB
24 HoursVT 2001.5GB
3 DaysVT 3001.5GB
7 DaysVT 5002.5GB
7 DaysVT 6003GB
30 DaysVT 1,0006GB
30 DaysVT 1,2008GB
30 DaysVT 2,00014GB
30 DaysVT 3,00020GB

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