MyCash CB Bill Pay

CB Vanuatu Loan Repayment

Now Available Using MyCash Bill Pay
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Registered MyCash users & Non-registered customers can now do their CB-Vanuatu Load repayment via MyCash app.

Or, if you have a feature phone:

  1. Dial *888# 

  2. Select option 4 “Pay Bills”

  3. Select option 7 “CB Vanuatu”

  4. Enter user name 

  5. Confirm amount of payment 

  6. Enter PIN 

  7. Select Confirm to complete Payment.

  • MyCash charge differs from the loan repayment interests

  • 50VT Charge is for every transactions 

1.    Can customer also pay their CB bill on the Mycash app?

Yes, customer to download or login to the app and add their ISP bill in order to proceed with the payment.

2.    What is the charge of CB payment via MyCash?

The charge for MyCash is 50VT at any amount of payment.