ISP Plans

ISP Plans

Your 4G MiFi with FREE 10GB Data
Huawei MiFi modem, with the Digicel logo in the background

Promotion Details

Sign up and get the new ISP Plan for only 13,800VT and receive 500GB at 3mbps with a monthly bill of 6,900VT.

You can also get other plans as per below which comes with the modem price of 10,000VT.

PriceData BundleValidity
3,500VT20GB30 days
4,500VT35GB30 days
5,500VT50GB30 days

Not only that, you can get a MiFi device at 4,500VT if they buy one of the plans above or you can get a MiFi device at 9,000VT.

1.    Where can customers get these modem or mifi device from?

  • Digicel Retail store at Nambatu opposite Au Bon Marche (in Port Vila)

  • Digicel Retail store in town opposite health wise (In Port Vila)

  • Digicel Head Office at Elluk (in Port Vila)

  • Digicel Retail store in Santo

  • Or any Digicel approved Sales distributor

2.    What is the validity of these plan?

30 days

3.    How much is a modem device?


  • Customers can only get the 500GB at 3mbps if they purchase 13,800VT, this is a two (2) months deposit payment.

  • Monthly payment is at 6,900VT

  • If customers want to purchase these plans, 3,500VT; 4,500VT and 5,500VT, they will have to purchase a modem at 10,000VT

  • Customers can get a mifi device too at 4,500VT only if they purchase a plan at the same time, this will have to be the postpaid plans only.

  • Customers can get a mifi device only at 9,000VT standard price.