Digicel Rewards


Get rewarded with Loyalty Points on every top up of K3 or more. Stay Connected with Digicel.
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1. What is this about?

As of 30 August 2022 (00:00:00hrs), Digicel has discontinued the anniversary loyalty points under our Loyalty Program. As such, customers can only earn points when they do any top up of K3 or more. The more top up made, the more points will be given as shown below:

Top Up DenominationElectronic Topup RangeLoyalty Points
33 - < 51
55 - < 102
1010 - < 205
2020 - < 5015
5050 - < 10040
100100 - < 200100

2. Is everyone eligible for Loyalty?

Yes, this promotion is open to everyone.

3. How can I use the Points?

Currently, points can be used to redeem airtime (credit), Bonus Credit, Data plans, Voice plans and 1TOK Prime Bundles. More options will be available in the future as the service expands.

4. How do I check and redeem my points?

Loyalty Point balance is displayed each time you earn a point as well as in the rewards menu when you text ‘Redeem’ to 162121. If you have already entered the redeem service, dial *151# to check your points balance.

5. Do Loyalty Points expire?

Yes, Loyalty Points will expire 30 days after being issued.

6. Can I transfer points to others? No, earned points can only be used for the SIM it was earned on.

7.  Does Credit U earn points? No, only recharge earns points.

Years Of ServiceRange (Months)Loyalty Points per year